Adding another snack

This week I added another snack to the daily schedule of things that I am trying to eat. The goal was to wake up and immediately eat around 200 calories. The purpose is to give myself some energy to start the day (although I am convinced that “breaking the fast” is inconsistent with what we know about the benefits of intermittent fasting) and also to fight off the plague of delayed gratification and reward that I’ve written about previously.

So far I have been able to accomplish the goal. It has not been easy, but I have been able to do it. As with most of things that I eat, it is easier to meet the challenge when I can spend a significant amount of time lingering over the food. Today was different, however. I woke up and immediately had a place to be. I had to eat my breakfast snack quickly — no chance to partake of the ritual. I was still able to do it, but the emotional hangover is significant.

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