A Purposeful Outlook Daily

Do you think that purposefully directing your daily activities is a good way to change habits? It seems like the answer is yes and Charles Duhigg, author of several apparently good books on habit and productivity, says that there is evidence in support.

I would like to find a person to exchange some interpersonal contact with each morning. That person would share with me what they are doing that day — what they want to accomplish, if they are afraid of anything, what they want to avoid — and I would reciprocate. The goal would be to enter the day from a position of control. Contrast that with the way that I seem to go through the day — letting myself be the subject of what happens around me. Perhaps that would change the way I react to stressors and help me choose positive responses rather than negative ones.

Have you or anyone else had success with this method? Or just some experience that you’d like to share?

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